La Torre de los Nublos Restaurant, the taste of tradition
Elegante salón de estilo clásico
For a unique gastronomic experience, the La Torre de los Nublos restaurant, with sustainable haute cuisine, offers careful preparations based on local and seasonal products, supplied by small local producers and all of them paired with magnificent local organic wines, which reflect the determined commitment to cuisine that respects the environment, the well-being of its guests and the preservation of the territory and its inhabitants.
The restaurant is located in an 18th century palace, located in the historic center of Iglesuela del Cid and allows you to enjoy a gastronomic experience in the main hall of the palace, with a marked baroque character.
From the large windows of the living room, on the other side of the secluded Plaza Mayor, you can glimpse the Torre del Homenaje, the only vestige of the Templar castle that protected this town in the 13th century. The Tower of the Clouds, or the Storm Conjurer, has been sustaining the life of this town for more than 800 years.
Elegante salón de estilo clásico